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OPEN CLASS with Nadine Bommer

Join us in for the unique opportunity to study with Nadine Bommer and her company in her innovative movement technique. 

The Nadine Bommer Method is a two-part technique, inspired by the sea, 
offering dancers a step-by-step process to create a uniquely personal movement
language. The process pairs the freedom of postmodernism and rigor of ballet for
complete control of fluid, malleable and expansive movement. Engaging the
artist’s endless creativity, the method uses kinetic energy and internal listening to
uncover the full expressive capabilities of the body. In Bommer’s character work
this liquidity is then used to develop a new, but equally expressive, physicality
dependent upon the dancer’s belief in their transformation to a new being. 

Class begins with a continuous warm-up focused on releasing the mind and
finding availability within the joints. As the session progresses, dancers will use
this calm attentiveness to tap into their own energy and work kinetically with
other dancers in the space. Letting the body lead, the mind-body connection
grows throughout exercises pairing the imagination with the feeling each
movement elicits. During this process dancers will investigate and release their
own habits, finding newness and depth through honesty in the body. 


Please email to reserve a spot as space is limited!