Photo by Paul B Goode

Photo by Paul B Goode

The Nadine Bommer Method is a two-part technique offering dancers a step-by-step process to create a uniquely personal movement language. The process pairs the freedom of postmodernism and rigor of ballet for full control of fluid, malleable and expansive movement. Engaging the artist’s endless creativity, the movement is used to build enchanting characters within imaginative stories. Both aspects of the method, the body (Kinetica) and the character (Animato), use kinetic energy and internal listening to uncover the full expressive capabilities of the body. Nadine has built a diverse body of repertoire including fun-filled family programming with this unique movement language inspired by the sea.

The company offers workshops and an annual training program in the Nadine Bommer Method. Offering students a technical process to find honesty and depth within the body, it is applicable to any performative career and is currently taught in 15 Israeli dance schools, including the Kibbutzim College of Education Dance Theatre.


Accelerated Program: 1 year (2 days/week)
In Process: September 2017 - July 2018


Learn Nadine Bommer’s internationally acclaimed movement language and train to become an NBDC dancer. Graduates leave the program with a deep understanding of this fluid, malleable and expansive movement technique, and learn to engage their endless creativity. Graduates will also have a strong grasp on Nadine's creative process of characterizationThe knowledge and skill set acquired provides dancers with a valuable and individually unique approach they can take with them for the rest of their professional career.

  • The annual program runs for 10-12 months
  • Program acceptance through online application and audition
  • Dancers study Bommer's movement language, learn company repertoire and may attend open company rehearsal

Graduates of the program have gone on to perform with the company in NYC at The New Victory Theater and APAP, as well as on tour in Moscow, Russia.

The program fee is $360/month

For further questions, please email info@nadinebommerdance.com